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Superhero accounting
for microfunded tech companies

Until now, you’ve been flying solo. You’re used to meeting your obstacles, bearing your muscles, showing your mettle, and winning the day. But this new challenge is taking everything you’ve got. Even Captain America needed The Avengers. Even Superman had the Justice League. You need reinforcements. You need to call in The Green Abacus.

Our team of accounting specialists has assembled to join you in your mission, providing the operational experience, technical wizardry and logistical support that complement your own superpowers. Soar to higher heights. Tackle even tougher baddies. Make even more of your fanboys geek out. Once you’ve summoned The Team, it’ll be time to start scripting your six seasons and a movie.

let’s get started!
BarrettThe Green Abacus | Superhero Accounting for Microfunded Tech Companies