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Subscriptions designed for the

Start your business off on a strong foundation, with clarity

Unite and grow a team around your vision, with confidence

Expand your business into new markets, with consistency

Follow our four step process to take control of your journey and grow your bottom line.

  1. Review our options and choose the subscription that best aligns with you
  2. Contact Barrett for a cup of coffee and a call, to make certain we’re the right choice for you
  3. Together, we will identify any preliminary projects that need to be addressed
  4. We begin working together, to give you the confidence in your business that grows your bottom line

How does The Green Abacus grow your bottom line?

We are entrepreneurs first. We believe that a business’ financials serve one primary purpose: Ensure the company is strong and ready for growth.


Everything else is secondary. Too many accountants forget this, and think your primary job is to serve their processes and speak their language.

But we believe you’ve got bigger needs than recordkeeping. You’re desperate for your numbers to give you confirmation that you’re on the right track.

We believe this, because we started from nothing too. We know what it’s like to pour your life into something, and hope you’re doing the right thing.

We work hard to bring clarity through your numbers and help you feel confident about what you’re growing.

How We’ve Strengthened Our Customers

  • “I will recommend The Green Abacus to anyone looking to spend their time doing what they do best. (Most likely it’s not working as an Accountant!)”

    Casey Sasek

    Wildcat Mattress

  • “They have been a lifesaver for our business! Launching a startup in a down economy is treacherous enough by itself. Finding reliable business partners is a key to success”

    Jonathan Pollock

    Arcadian Computers

  • “Really thankful and impressed with The Green Abacus and how they were able to make something that is seemingly complicated to me (our finances and books) and make it clean, organized, and correct.”

    Tim Bickers

    Emerging Ideas

  • “The exceptionally rare CPA who “gets it.” Accounting and bookkeeping for your business should help you learn from the past to make smart decisions in the future. The Green Abacus is remarkably adept at taking complex financial information and turning it into actionable business knowledge.”

    Teddy Davidson

    SPARData Value Advisors

  • “Very patient and helpful. Barrett sat with my sister and I for a few hours offering up suggestions and advice for our business. He also checks in on us to see how things are going, asking if he can be of any more service to us.”

    Ashlee Sascher

    66 Beans

Ready to see what confidence in your numbers can do for your business?

There’s very little risk to moving forward. All our subscriptions are cancellable any time, because we’re confident you’ve never envisioned accounting like this.

Accounting that’s more than a cost. Accounting that builds a foundation for healthy growth.

Enjoyable accounting that grows your bottom line.

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