“People don’t buy what you do. They buy why you do it.”¬†

- Simon Sinek, Start With Why

The Green Abacus exists to support the innovative underground in their pursuit of creative disruption.

What is the Innovative Underground? Is that me?

You are small and agile. You run your company with complete discretion and don’t wait for corporate headquarters to give you the go-ahead. You are mobile. You work from the dining room table as much as the office. You’re in the garage as often as the jobsite. You’re still off the radar. You’re not subject to any shareholders. You’re not reporting to your investors. You report to your customers, and are plugging away at growing your business.
Helpful, professional, competent, and fast.Tim B.Yelp! review
And your customers are demanding. They ask that you be the best & the most specialized in your craft. You create, and it keeps them coming back for more. This has made your business eccentrically customer centric. I love that. You’ve learned success isn’t coming from an IPO, but from a dedicated tribe of raving fans. ¬†That is the Innovative Underground.

How Do You Support It?