for the small team

To my fellow founder,

The road ahead of you is full of uncertainties. Deciding to move forward building my team was one of the best things I ever did, but there was so much I needed to figure out. We’re going to be there for you along the way. We want to help you build and lead a team united behind your vision.

– Barrett

Problems this solves:

Get started with real cashflow management and separate out personal expenses.

Understand the product of your hard work and start to sleep better.

Take care of basic compliance services for your vendors and sales tax needs.

Reduce the stress when that IRS notice shows up.

Compensating your team for their work.

Personalized insight into your business from our team of advisors.

Annual tax filing & planning needs for your LLC or S-Corp.

Services this package should include: 

Weekly bookkeeping
Online bill payment & invoicing
Monthly compensation calculation for founders
Custom payroll calculation to pay your team
Books closed monthly, with QuickLook monthly email
Advisor’s commentary on QuickLook
Availability for monthly discussion, at your request
Filing of all annual 1099s for subcontractors
First-Notice Agency Response
Federal and resident State tax return for business
Monthly subscription fees for Xero and
Unlimited Access
Satisfaction Guarantee

Too much? Check out our silver package, ideal for the founder team

Unlimited Access

Phone, e-mail, tweet, text, private message, telepathy or bat signal. Whatever your preferred method of communication, if you have a question, contact us and we’ll talk. While some services outside the scope of our engagement may require a Change Request or additional Fixed Price Agreement, we’re still very pleased to hear from you and make ourselves available to you.

Satisfaction Guarantee

We never want to work with someone that doesn’t want to work with us. If at any time during our engagement, you become dissatisfied, and we are unable to resolve it together, all work will cease immediately, and you will never receive an additional monthly invoice from The Green Abacus. Your Xero records go with you, to continue forward on your own or find a different accounting solution.

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