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To my fellow founder,

When our gold and silver level services aren’t enough to meet your quickly expanding needs, we’ll design a strategic plan (what we call our Goal-Driven Transformation Roadmap) to help direct your growth. We know the needs of our tech companies are hard to define up front, so once you’re working with us, we help to identify your goals, pricing each of them by the engagement, and put our whole team to work focused on your objectives.

– Barrett

Problems this could solve:

Addressing common problems associated with growing into new locations and states.

Get an expert’s input into your app’s accounting integration.

Grow in your capabilities as a leader.

Build a great company culture united around your values.

Access to a pool of talent that scales your accounting department as you grow.

And more…

Services this package could include: 

Leadership Coaching: Addressing the character development we need as we become leaders, we have coaching available on monthly, quarterly, or one-off basis. Coaching typically lasts up to 1.5 hours, and brings clarity to the problems you’re facing.

Software Conversion: Finding the right software solution comes with the need to convert old information into the new system. Many of our customers come to us with existing Quickbooks records that need to be converted to Xero, or prior information that needs to be cleaned up.

Strategic Retreats: We host regular strategic retreats for leaders and for their wider teams. Our favorite option is The Green Abacus Board Meeting (a 4 day event on the slopes of the Rockies. Bring Your Own Board/Skis).

Custom Software Development: Some software apps require more than a hookup to Stripe. Some of our customers escrow customer funds and report customer account balances, and we can help you write the accounting transactions that your system needs to record it properly. Running a few hundred thousand transactions a day can really test a system.

IRS Audit Representation: It’s a heart-stuttering event every time you get a notice from the IRS in your mailbox. In addition to our standard First-Notice Agency Response, we may also be engaged by our customers to address further in-depth examinations.

Process Design: Designing your business processes is an important step to scaling your business. Whether you’re ready to bring in an in-house bookkeeper or train a VA, we can help build out and document the processes you need.

Investor Meeting Preparation: If you’re coming up on a new round of funding, or need to report to your current investors, we can review the offer and prepare the financials they’re looking for. And, if your needs require, we can also calculate and report annual dividend/interest accrual on your funding.

CFO-Level Consultation: When some of our bigger clients need something more, we assign their own personal CFO to work with them in a more open-ended engagement to address their needs. Usually, this business is at the $3M level, ready to head to $10.

This package builds upon our Silver and Gold packages of services, adding additional customization to your needs.

Unlimited Access

Phone, e-mail, tweet, text, private message, telepathy or bat signal. Whatever your preferred method of communication, if you have a question, contact us and we’ll talk. While some services outside the scope of our engagement may require a Change Request or additional Fixed Price Agreement, we’re still very pleased to hear from you and make ourselves available to you.

Satisfaction Guarantee

We never want to work with someone that doesn’t want to work with us. If at any time during our engagement, you become dissatisfied, and we are unable to resolve it together, all work will cease immediately, and you will never receive an additional monthly invoice from The Green Abacus. Your Xero records go with you, to continue forward on your own or find a different accounting solution.

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