about our team

barrett young

CPA and founding member
Specialty: Leadership
First appeared in The Green Abacus Origins (April 2012)
Favorite Superhero: Beast/Hank McCoy

Barrett is the founding member of The Green Abacus. Before his transformation, he was a typical mild-mannered accountant in tax preparation, payroll and accounting. Bitten by a radioactive bug of dissatisfaction with the tax cycle and compliance-driven services, he ventured out on his own in search of an adventure. He built T.G.A. into what it is today, and helps our Heroes build the companies they want as well. Barrett lives in Southern Maryland, with his wife and two young kids. He loves playing guitar, weighttraining, cooking, and experimenting with new things. But authors are the true source of his superpowers.


Occasionally, The Green Abacus comes across a mission that’s too big for us to handle alone. For this reason, we have friends. We believe we are better by working with others. We like our super friends. They are a part of our success. For your mission, we might call on some of our friends to join The Green Abacus in the fight.

cirrus payroll

CPA and Ally
Specialty: Payroll
Website: www.cirruspayroll.com

“Cirrus Payroll exists to make payroll simple and carefree for your business.” And they rock at it. When CEO Tyler Winn and Barrett first started teaming up, Barrett had one request: “Make it so I never have to sign another quarterly payroll form.” Tyler and his team accomplish that. Paychex and ADP can work okay, but we prefer to team with fellow superheroes. There is no one we’d rather bring to the fight than Cirrus Payroll.
bryan coleman

CPA and Ally
Specialty: Taxes
Website: www.coleman-cpa.com
Favorite Superhero: Gambit/Remy LeBeau

Bryan is the team’s primary tax preparer. He defends us from those who would seek to impede us on our mission. He goes where no one dare go, sometimes even calling the IRS in person! *gasp* Such courage. Such strength. Such paperwork! May a statue be built and a parade be held in his honor in every city henceforth.
melissa bunton

CFP® and Ally
Specialty: Financial Planning
Website: www.artisanfinance.co
Favorite Superhero: Black Widow

“We specialize in custom designing a financial pathway that will give you the best shot at reaching your most important goals.” Melissa’s approach to financial planning reflects everything that you love about The Green Abacus, in a personal financial planning service. If you want your business goals to overflow into your personal goals and your team’s goals, you need to bring in Artisan Finance.
philip campbell

CPA and Ally
Specialty: CFO Strategy
Website: campbellphilip.typepad.com

“Philip reveals what’s going on below the surface of the financial statements – and shows you how to link that insight to improving day-to-day decision making and financial results in your business.” Philip has more than earned his superhero identity – “Cash”. Philip knows cashflow like Spiderman knows angst. The way he’s able to break down a financial statement into what needs to happen this next month makes even CPAs’ heads spin. A master of the art of business growth, we love having Philip on the team for some of our toughest foes.
thriveal cpa network

Specialty: Super-Team
Website: www.thriveal.com

“The Thriveal CPA network was born out of a need for community rather than competition within the accounting profession.” Thriveal is the original team of super-friends. Founded in 2010, Thriveal is the most forward-looking CPA network in the US. Barrett has been a member of Thriveal since its beginnings, and the CPAs in that network have provided him with immeasurable support. The openness and collaboration of that network is a large part of what makes The Green Abacus such an ally to our own Heroes.
maryland association of cpas

Specialty: Super-Team
Website: www.macpa.org

“We help CPAs make sense of a changing and complex world.” The Green Abacus values its membership in its state society. Barrett has been an active member since originally joining upon licensure, including taking a role in his local chapter, speaking on various panels, teaching continuing education, and attending the Maryland Leadership Academy in Spring 2012. MACPA CEO Tom Hood leads the way in the profession, promoting value creation on behalf of our customers and engagement on behalf of our companies. We stand stronger as the Team we are today because of the work put in by the superheroes at the MACPA.