Summer Strategic Retreat
July 8-10
North Carolina

Build cultures, then products

As founders, we have more ideas than we have capacity to implement them. We don’t need more options: we need space to think, and an outside voice to connect dots together to bring us clarity. This is not a conference to get you pumped up for what you should be doing next, it’s a mastermind retreat to connect you with others in the same boat, through guided coaching for two days to work on your business.

Why do I need this? [personal note from Barrett]
When I was in the first few years of my business, before I could build a team or hire coaches, I was stuck in what to do next. It was hard to find outside voices for guidance, and I felt like I was making a lot of stuff up as I went. Eventually, I found others like me, and we really dug into our businesses together. We still meet annually for our own strategic retreat. I want to give that confidence and personal care to you.

Our hosts:
Melissa Bunton is a CFP® and the founder of Artisan Finance, and will focus us in on how our business goals and our personal goals align to create a whole life plan.

Barrett Young is a CPA and the founder of The Green Abacus, and will focus us in on how our goals and our team goals align to create a culture that works for good.

The content:
We don’t have speakers, vendors or massive outings, and the schedule is light. We don’t need new ideas jammed inside our already overwhelmed heads. Our sessions are going to be future focused, with tons of interaction with others to work through our roadblocks and get us moving forward. This is the act where the hero regroups, refocuses, resolves, and returns to take out the bad guy and win the day.

Size is limited to only 12 people, so all will get plenty of time and attention focused on your business

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What will the main day look like? You’re going to wake up excited to get started, to some awesome coffee and a homemade breakfast of bacon & eggs (Barrett’s going to cook every meal. His quesadillas have drawn crowds). We’re going to dig in to our sessions in a casual living room-type setting, with an opening made-up scenario to get us all focused on one business problem together. Then, we’re gonna start our guided sessions with Melissa kicking off the focus on our whole life plan (Melissa’s ability to connect our business and personal goals together is why she’s co-hosting this retreat). Barrett’s going to follow with a focus on building a company culture that unites the founder’s goals with the greater audience (team, partners, investors, customers). Then, after lunch, we’re going to spend some guided alone time (in the woods, if you want) to think about what your business needs to do next. We’ll join back up for you to share with the group your plan, receive feedback, and break down the roadblocks that will stop you. Surround the rest of the week with coffee, new friends, board games, quiet time, and deep conversations. You will leave on Friday ready to take back your business. And the weekend doesn’t end there; you now have fellow founders you can reach out to when you get back to the real world.


More Details

Location: a 10 acre retreat in the woods of Rutherfordton, NC (an hour outside Asheville & Greenville)

Price: $500 through June 8. $850 beginning June 9

Dates: July 8-10

Travel Details: Book your flights into Asheville, NC (46.6mi) or Greenville, SC (51.8mi). You should fly in on Wednesday afternoon, and we’ll run a shuttle to both airports. Of course, you’re welcome to drive too. Leave after 11am Friday.

every superhero needs to recharge

“Barrett is a great host. He created a wonderful experience for relaxation, collaboration and learning. I think its so valuable for entrepreneurs to create space to work on their business, rejuvenate and form relationships with other entrepreneurs. Barrett is filling this need with his retreats. Get in if you can!” – Carol LeBlanc

“I appreciate all the care and attention that Barrett takes in planning our retreats. I felt comfortable and open during our time together which allowed me to have major insights into my business and leave with a plan for growth. The retreat challenged me to do more than I would on my own and Barrett asks difficult questions that force me to grow.” – Magen Smith

“Barrett’s strategic retreats gave me the dedicated time and space to really focus on what I should be doing to move my business forward. He took care of planning all of details of the retreat, which meant I could simply show up, and start connecting with the other owners immediately. Connecting online is great, but it has been extremely valuable to connect with others in person. I left the retreat with clear steps for what I needed to do next in my business as well as meaningful relationships with those in the group.” – Erin Johnstone

“Barrett’s attention to detail in arranging the logistics was obvious from the minute I arrived. The environment he orchestrated was perfect for pulling participants into meaningful yet fun conversation. Net result, new relationships, invaluable insight, creative ideas, encouragement, and most of all a personal inspiration to act. Certainly was a profitable investment for me and I highly recommend attending one of Barrett’s retreats!” – Jim Bell

Future Events: The Green Abacus Annual Board Meeting, Copper Mountain, Colorado. Jan 11-16